Our Founder

Dr David Gething is the founder of both Vetopia, Hong Kong’s biggest veterinary-backed pet product development and distribution company, and the Creature Comforts Group, Hong Kong’s biggest private general practice veterinary group.  

Dr David, a published author, TEDx keynote speaker and regular media commentator, has over 20 years’ experience as a veterinarian in clinical practice, giving him a deep understanding of the needs of modern-day pets, and what’s missing in modern-day pet products. His relentless search for innovative wellness solutions and better healthcare for pets, was what drove him to found Animalkind, where “Everything we create has a purpose”. 

animalkind white

Our Story

With over two decades experience as a veterinarian, Dr David Gething saw a need for a new class of products for pets with one simple underlying philosophy…  

“Everything we create has a purpose”

Every product is designed with the animal in mind; with health, wellness, quality and enjoyability being our primary goals and not just an afterthought. Further than this, Dr David and his team ensure that every product is designed with the planet in mind, using ethical, sustainable and reusable sources.   

Our purpose was to create a range of pet foods, treats and products for all animals.   

And we called it Animalkind.  

animalkind freeze-dried raw food

Why Our
Freeze-dried Raw?

Our unique freeze-drying process gently dehydrates the raw food, killing harmful pathogens whilst retaining valuable nutrients and flavors lost in traditional pet food production methods. This process is what allows us to create minimally processed, delicious, nutrient-dense pet food resulting in healthier, happier pets.