Freeze-Dried Raw Food

Our complete and balanced freeze-dried raw food is crafted to support specific health needs, our unique freeze-drying process locks in vital nutrients and flavours, leading to healthier, happier pets. 

AAFCO Complete and Balanced Diet


Dog Wellness +

Beef & Lamb Recipe

Dog Digestive +

Goat & Chicken Recipe

Freeze-Dried Raw TREATS

Mouth-wateringly delicious high protein treats guaranteed to get your dogs drooling. Made with 100% New Zealand Treats.

Dog Treats

Lamb & Manuka Honey

Dog Treats

Pear, Duck & Lingzhi

Dog Treats

Deer Antler Velvet

Dog Treats

Pear, Duck & Lingzhi

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Canned Food

Elevate your pets meals with our nutrient rich canned food, packed with a powerful supplement mix of glucosamine, collagen, and FOS.

Chicken & Duck Brunch


Chicken & Crab Stew


Tuna & Salmon Feast


Tuna & Shrimp Bisque


Tuna, Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner


Air Dried Treats

All natural and ethically sourced, our air dried treats are guilt-free rewards for our four-legged friends. 

Air-dried treates3