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Animalkind Canned Food Chicken Duck

Chicken & Duck Brunch
for Cats & Dogs

Animalkind Canned food makes mealtimes special, providing a nutritional boost with the natural health benefits of glucosamine, FOS, omega 3, and collagen.

Product Description

Doctor’s note from Dr David.

As a veterinarian, I know that sometimes pets can be fussy eaters, making it difficult to maintain their daily required nutritional intake. Sometimes pet parents just want to give a treat. I wanted to create something that would make mealtimes special.

Our Animalkind Cans do just that, providing a nutritional boost with the natural health benefits of:

  1. Glucosamine for joint and bladder health
  2. Collagen for ligament and tendon health
  3. Omega 3 for healthy skin and a shiny coat
  4. FOS for gastrointestinal support

Animalkind cans contain 100% all natural ingredients, no gelling ingredients, and are ethically sourced.

Creating the perfect canned treat has been tough, but I think we’ve done it.

Oh, and it’s also delicious.

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