Why Our Canned Food ?

Doctor’s Note

As a veterinarian, I know that sometimes pets can be fussy eaters, making it difficult to maintain their daily required nutritional intake. Sometimes pet parents just want to give a treat. I wanted to create something that would make mealtimes special. Our Animalkind Canned Food does just that, providing a nutritional boost with the natural health benefits of glucosamine, FOS, omega 3, and collagen. Creating the perfect canned food has been tough, but we’ve done it.

Oh, and they’re also delicious.

Animalkind brand founder - David-Gething
canned food purposefully created

cat and dog

Chicken &Duck Brunch

Chicken & Crab Stew

Tuna &Salmon Feast

Tuna & Shrimp Bisque

Tuna, Chicken & Pumpkin Dinner