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Animalkind IATA Kennel

Safety & Comfort – at Home and Abroad. 

Thoughtfully designed to provide the best for your dog when traveling or at home. Our kennels are In line with IATA requirements and are suitable for long and short-haul flights. 


Product Description

Animalkind IATA Compliant Travel Kennel. 
Animalkind IATA compliant travel kennel was designed with safety and comfort in mind. Dr David has drawn on 20 years of pet travel experience to help design what we believe is the best travel kennel available. 

Key Features:
1. Secure Double-Sided Door Pins

Animalkind IATA Kennel Secure Double-Sided Door Pins

2. Lockable Side Safety Latches

Animalkind IATA Kennel Lockable Side Safety Latches

3. Handles and Wheels for Easy Transit ( For some models only)

Animalkind IATA Kennel Handles and Wheels for Easy Transit ( For some models only)

4. Durable and Strong Plastic.

Animalkind IATA Travel Kennel Includes:
Food Bowl x 1 pc or 2 pcs for some models
Hygienic Flooring Mesh x 1 pc
Nuts, Bolts& Locks x 1 pack
Wheels x 4 pcs (some models only)
Live Animal Sticker x 1 set
Zip Tides x 1 pack (enough for installation)

Caution: Airline travel kennel requirements may vary – make sure to always check with your airline to confirm prior to travel

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